Grillman Nagoya

November 11, 2016

GRILLMAN is a burger joint by day, and a restaurant by night, with a wide selection of craft beer and Japanese wine. It is owned by Sake no Okadaya, which also runs Y. Market Brewing, Keg Nagoya and some other locations outside of the city. The full menu of burgers is only available at lunch, and at night, even additional toppings are off limits. This is a regular lunch spot for me because it’s near my office.

Inside of Grillman Inside of *GRILLMAN

There are two burgers I order regularly at GRILLMAN. The first is a regular burger with Gorgonzola and bacon toppings. Back in November of 2004, on a warm Tokyo evening, walking through Shirokane, my wife and I went to Burger Mania. I ordered their “ULTIMATE BLUE CHEESE BURGER” and it changed me. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this was it.


Anyway, back to GRILLMAN! The bacon is thick and soft, and the blue cheese is the perfect complement. GRILLMAN does a good job of toasting their buns, something you expect that is sometimes forgotten in Japan.

Grillman burger with Gorgonzola and bacon toppings GRILLMAN burger with Gorgonzola and bacon toppings

GRILLMAN’s patty is a good thickness, and the quality is almost on par with Handsome Burger. The only thing lacking is some onions.

Grillman burger with Gorgonzola and bacon toppings halfway GRILLMAN burger with Gorgonzola and bacon toppings

The second burger I order is an avocado cheeseburger. This was my favorite until I discovered the Gorgonzola topping. Avocado Cheese Burger Avocado Cheese Burger

They have a large beer selection that changes regularly, and a pint will set you back over 1,000 yen. Since October 2016, they have been offering a free baby beer, or a discounted half pint (JPY 500) and pint (JPY 800). This came after “Octoberfest” in October (rare in Japan), where they gave away a free half pint at lunch.

GRILLMAN Lunchtime Baby Beer GRILLMAN Lunchtime Baby Beer

Presten Ale Brewery IPA Presten Ale Brewery IPA from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

The atmosphere is simple, and when the weather is good the front of the shop can be opened up. The only drawback is it is a little expensive. A burger and pint can run you about JPY 2,500 at lunch.

Warning: cash only

Address: 名古屋市中区錦2-11-13

Website: http://ameblo.jp/grillmanburger/