Handsome Burger

December 13, 2016

Handsome Burger is located in a unique place. It’s in the Fushimi Underground Mall which is best explained as a blast from the past. The entrances are painted blue with white lines like blueprints and there are blue sandals printed out that you can stand on to see optical illusions or something. So if you’re lucky enough to find Handsome burger, you’re in for a treat.

Handsome Burger Handsome Burger in the Fushimi Underground Mall

Handsome Burger offers an amazing patty and crispy bacon. Yes, crispy bacon. I usually go for their cheese burger and add bacon and sometimes avocado, but at Handsome Burger, it’s difficult to go wrong.

Cheese burger with crispy bacon Cheese burger with crispy bacon

Handsome Burger gives you a reasonable serving of fries. They are salty, so recently I ask for less salt.

Fries, lots of fries. Fries, lots of fries.

They have a very simple menu and offer standing or takeout dining. Handsome Burger is great if you want to eat alone or take something back to your office.

Subway Ad A subway-style ad in the Fushimi Underground Mall

Address: 愛知県名古屋市中区錦2-13-24 伏見地下街 39-40

Website: https://fushimi-underground-mall.nagoya/floor/handsome-burger/