Brick Lane

December 22, 2016

I first heard about BRICK LANE from one of my co-workers, she had discovered it and we were keen to try it out for lunch. We checked out the website, and there was one small problem: they open at 14:00! So after months of waiting, I had a chance to check this place out when the Nagoya Cycling Club had their 2016 year-end party here.

BRICK LANE ranks near the top for the following reasons: good burgers, a great, always changing, selection of craft beer and being nonsmoking. This is a rare combination in Nagoya. On top of this, it’s open until 2:00 AM making it a nice addition to Nagoya nightlife.

BRICK LANE offers nine different burgers, all with a unique choice of capitalization. I went for an ”avocado cheese BURGER” and added bacon as a topping. It was a decent burger, almost on par with something similar at Grillman. Something that I can’t quite lay my finger on was missing, but have no doubt, it was a solid burger.

Avocado Cheese Burger Avocado Cheese Burger with avocado topping

When you make up your mind, anything is possible — I made it back to BRICK LANE. I ordered the ”HOT CRUNCHY BURGER”, which has arugula, crunchy bacon, fried jalapeno peppers and sriracha sauce on it. This was hands down the best burger I’ve found in Nagoya. The crunch, spice and juiciness are amazing.


Next time, I hope to try the ”BUTTER CHICKEN CURRY BURGER”, if I can resist not having the ”HOT CRUNCHY BURGER” again.

A few beers from the Heretic Brewing Company were on tap. In my old life, when I lived in Tokyo, I enjoyed Heretic’s beer at Devil Craft in Kanda. It was an easy decision, I went for Heretic’s Evil Cousin. At 8% a few pints packs a punch.

Heretic Brewing Company Evil Cousin Heretic Brewing Company Evil Cousin

The beer selection is updated regularly, so to find out what’s on tap, checking out beerpubbricklane on Instagram is your best bet.

BRICK LANE also changes their menu every ten days. Each time I’ve gone, it’s always been the American style menu.

Brick Lane American Style Menu Brick Lane American Style Menu

Warning: cash only

Website: http://bricklane.nagoya/