Hamburger Seikatsu no Susume

January 09, 2017

Hamburger Seikatsu No Susume (ハンバーガー生活のすすめ) is a new burger place that opened up on November 29, 2016 by Yuuji Sekine. The date is a pun on ”niku-no-hi” (肉の日) where 29 can be read as ni and ku. My wife and I came here for a late lunch, around 13:30, and it there was only one table for two open. The staff was accommodating and moved us to a larger table with bench seats when it opened up so our baby could sit with us.

Hamburger Seikatsu No Susume

The restaurant is nonsmoking and has a nice feel inside. They offer nine different burgers. I ordered the Honkaku Double Cheese Burger (本覚ダブルチーズバーガー) which is another pun on the fact that the restaurant is halfway between Motoyama (本山) and Kakuouzan (覚王山) and the word honkaku (本格) which means serious or genuine. I also added bacon because life is better with bacon. This burger has two types of cheese (cheddar and natural) on their Honkaku patty comprised of a blend of five different types of meat. The bun was good and the burger was great and juicy. The patty is purported to be 120 g but felt small.

Honkaku Double Cheese Burger Honkaku Double Cheese Burger

Honkaku Double Cheese Burger Half way through the Honkaku Double Cheese Burger

My wife ordered the “Avocado Tomato Burger” with cheese as an added topping. This juicy burger seemed to have a handmade tomato sauce similar to ratatouille with tomato slice inside.

Avocado Tomato Burger Avocado Tomato Burger

Unfortunately, they don’t have any craft beer on tap and they only offer Sapporo or sparkling wine. Luckily, there was Asahi Wilkinson dry ginger ale, which was redeeming!

The restaurant is nonsmoking. It felt a hair more expensive than burger joints of a similar caliber, but without alcohol, lunch for two ran us JPY 3,345.

Address: 名古屋市千種区末盛通 3-30

Website: https://www.instagram.com/h.s.s.1129/