Sake no Okadaya

January 24, 2017

Sake no Okadaya Front

Sake no Okadaya (酒の岡田屋) owns several restaurants that I enjoy including Grillman, Y. Market Brewing and Keg Nagoya. Knowing only that they are located near Yanagibashi (柳橋), Nagoya’s fish market, I had trouble finding them on Google Maps. At the time, the website for Sake no Okadaya wasn’t much help either. It wasn’t clear if there was a shop that people could visit. One afternoon, I checked them out and was unknowingly in for a treat. The shop is tucked away on one of the side streets of Yanagibashi.

Sake no Okadaya Beer Selection Some of the Beer Selection

I spoke with one of the ladies working at the shop and discovered they renovated their storage area in November, 2015. With that in mind, glancing over their Facebook page the story is complete. She also told me that they are open Monday through Saturday from about 7:30 to 18:30.

Japanese Craft Beer Coolers Japanese Craft Beer Coolers

They have a large selection of craft beer, shochu, sake and wine. There were six coolers and one shelf of assorted Japanese craft beer. The prices are competitive with grocery stores averaging JPY 400-500 per bottle, and the selection is superior.

Address: 名古屋市中村区名駅4-16-19

Website: http://www.sake-okadaya.co.jp/