February 03, 2017

KEG NAGOYA is another production by Sake no Okadaya. It’s tucked away near Oasis 21, like many of Sakae’s treasures (JAZZ&Coffee YURI, Jazz Inn Lovely and Tinkle). It bears a resemblance with other restaurants in the family like Grillman. They boast a large selection of Japanese craft beer that is updated regularly, have large windows that can open when the weather is pleasant and is non-smoking.

KEG NAGOYA's Japanese Craft Beer Menu KEG NAGOYA’s Japanese Craft Beer Menu

The first item on KEG NAGOYA’s beer menu is always the Session IPL from Y.Market, also owned by Sake no Okadaya.

Y.Market Brewery Session IPL Y.Market Brewery Session IPL

I usually visit KEG NAGOYA for their pizza lunch. My colleagues favorite is the basil chicken, and mine is the carbonara.

Basil Chicken Pizza  Basil Chicken

The first two times ate KEG NAGOYA’s carbonara pizza, it was cooked to the point where it was slightly quiche-like in nature. Really delicious. More recently though, it was a little less cooked, but still great.

Carbonara Pizza Carbonara Pizza

I have also used this venue for a company year end party. For JPY 5,000 they offer all you can drink craft beer and amazing food. KEG NAGOYA has a bar that makes it accessible alone or nice on a date.

Warning: cash only

Address: 愛知県名古屋市東区東桜1-10-13

Website: http://ameblo.jp/keg-nagoya/