7 Days Brew

February 23, 2017

That feeling when you go somewhere, and nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either — nothing clicks. 7 Days Brew was a layover between Brick Lane and Ghent on a Thursday night. At around 8:00 or 9:00, it was almost empty.

Beer List Beer list

7 Days Brew has a reasonable selection of import beers on tab, but not many Japanese ones. The beers were about 300 yen more expensive than similar spots.

First floor standing bar First floor standing bar

We took a beer at the standing bar. If you stand here, there is no cover charge, if you want to sit on the second or third floor, it costs money. Also it’s smoking, but the standing bar isn’t.

Third floor Third floor

The overall aesthetic of 7 Days Brew is pleasing, but lacks a feeling of authenticity. 7 Days Brew gives you a bowl of nuts and a nut cracker as otoshi, a compulsory appetizer that acts as a seating charge. An interesting quirk.

First and second floor First and second floor

Thanks but no thanks.

Address: 名古屋市中村区名駅4-4-21