Three Great Cafes Around Sakae

March 20, 2017

Trunk Coffee

Trunk Coffee is known being one of Nagoya’s best coffee shops. It’s located east of Sakae, in Izumi, near Takaoka Station. The atmosphere is nice. Since the shop is narrow, all the chairs face the coffee bar, except for a table in the back. Trunk roasts their own coffee, similar to Golpie Coffee in Kawana. The music selection is great, they were playing electronic music when I was there.

Interior of Trunk Coffee Interior of Trunk Coffee

Web: http://www.trunkcoffee.com/ Map: https://goo.gl/maps/kzfu5Vzm4G92

Streamer Coffee Company

The Streamer Coffee Company has shops across Japan, and it finally arrived in Nagoya at the beginning of 2017. It’s tucked away south of Nadia Park Tower (The Loft) on the way to Osu Kannon.

Streamer Coffee Company Outside Streamer Coffee Company Outside

It’s pricier than most shops (and plays Justin Bieber), but the interior is nice. There are a lot of outlets which is good if you want to bring your laptop and get some work done.

Streamer Coffee Company Inside Streamer Coffee Company Inside

Web: http://streamercoffee.com/ Map: https://goo.gl/maps/YFHUUUMXip42

Jazz & Coffee Yuri

Yuri is a classic cafe established in 1968. It draws a unique crowed of old men and young women, and can get pretty smokey. So what makes this place special? They have a large selection of Jazz on vinyl.

Yuri Now Playing Now Playing

The current cover of the record on the turn table is put on the wall, and changes often. You won’t hear the same song twice. In addition to coffee and jazz, Yuri offers a wide selection of whiskey and some food. The chicken rice is amazing, it’s almost like risotto, and the portions are large.

Yuri's Chicken Rice Yuri’s Chicken Rice

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/wD4UDZLzozw