The Best Terminal Experience from an iPad

August 25, 2019

Mosh mobile shell is a game-changer. Mosh lets me keep my session even when my IP changes, which means when I change between wifi and 3G, my connection stays. It also instantly shows my input, underlining it until it reaches the server.

The client I use is Blink. I have been using it on my iPad for over three weeks trying to write code on a remote machine running tmux and vim.

Once in a blue moon, something gets tripped up, and I need to kill some phantom mosh sessions that are messing up tmux.

kill `pidof mosh-server`

It’s worth noting that I’ve tried using two different VPS providers. Linode has servers in Tokyo, while DigitalOcean does not. Despite there being 100+ ms more latency with DigitalOcean, the experience is the same. DigitalOcean’s machines built my code faster at the same price point.