Moving to Gatsby

April 05, 2020

I was talking about SEO with a friend, and he asked me, “Have you checked your site with Lighthouse? You could definitely be doing better. Especially for such a simple site.” March 8, 2020 Lighthouse Report

Until now, this page was running a simple Jekyll blog on GitHub pages. I went through and made some easy tweaks.

  1. Google code I didn’t need was killing my performance. I just ripped it out. Reduce the impact of 3rd party code
  2. I ran images through Optimizilla too.
  3. I added async tags to stylesheets.

improved lighthouse scores

I also tried deploying the site on netlify after adding some optimizations like code minification to the build script to see if it would improve performance. It surprisingly scored lower on Lighthouse. My untested theory here is that GitHub Pages serves content faster.

After all the changes, the scores improved a lot. However, there were still things to improve, like lazy image loading and automatic optimization. Additionally, the Lanyon theme has several accessibility issues that I’m not inclined to fix. So I decided to move to something that I’m familiar with (React).

Here we are.

Lighthouse after moving to Gatsby