Why Blog in 2018?

May 01, 2018

Recently, a friend of mine started writing some blog posts, and a few of his first posts were centered around the reason for starting a blog.

When I was younger, I owned the top spot on Google for my name. I had a website at https://jacqueslalancette.com (it redirects here now), which never was home to much. For most of its existence, it just pointed to my Facebook and LinkedIn profile pages. When it had content, I would get snarky comments. While these comments would usually come from people that I had little respect for, it wasn’t enjoyable. So after a while, I just took everything down.

Since then, I was overtaken by #99, a French Canadian stock car driver with the same name. At the same time, I also stopped using most social media sites. I still use Facebook on occasion for messaging.

That said idea of a blog has always been intimidating. I have lived in Japan for my entire adult life, and my writing hasn’t improved since I received poor marks in school. When I write anything in prose, usually at work, my bosses tell to remove the details and turn it into PowerPoint slides. People love bullet points because using them helps people hide behind ambiguity.

On top of that, I was always concerned about the content being perfect enough, profound enough, insightful enough, consistent enough, etc. One day, I realized that it doesn’t matter. I have witnessed a program touching the hands of an end-user for the first time and know nothing is perfect on the first try, in fact usually it’s far from it. Listening to Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast made me realize that eventually, something I write will resonate with someone and contribute something to them. If it helps one person, it’s enough.